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Old Comments:

2009-01-13 07:05:20
Hard to believe, but I believe you, Connie, because I checked the background of the picture. The reason it looks so 'unreal' is the fact that the man appears so nonchalant despite the TREMENDOUS ROAR that must have been in his ears! ;-)
2009-01-13 06:34:48
Poppy, this is not a photoshop. This photo was taken by the world famous photographer Jean Guichard. It's titled, Le Phare de la Jument'. It's part of a seven pictures series titled La Jument, and that's also is world famous. I had forgotten to put that info on mine, and will do so now.
2009-01-13 05:33:13
C'mon, people, if there ever is reason to shout "photoshop", THIS IS IT! - Kevin Walker, did you have anything to do with this? ;-)
2009-01-13 03:39:32
I posted that photo a couple of days ago...a bigger version. I had searched to see if it had been posted before, but it didn't come up. Now I see it's because of no tag, no caption.
2009-01-13 03:33:10
It's off the coast of France, IIRC. Google the photographer Jean Guichard.
2008-03-08 02:04:53
I'd like to know where that is?