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Posted By:Luckyred

Old Comments:

2008-03-12 06:51:30
Drummers of Burundi!
2008-03-11 21:06:29
Consider who will most likely die of famine aids malaria etc and we don’t feel superior we ARE superior.
2008-03-10 09:54:23
To most of you posting comments on this picture, civilization seems nothing more than a pathetic excuse you use to try to make you feel superior to people who are more connected with the living harmony of the Earth. Consider who is more likely to survive if a major disaster comes and civilization is destroyed... Surprise! it isn't you, it's the 'inferior' people celebrating in the pic above.
2008-03-10 09:36:23
You are all missing the point - the drum is to protect the head from that stick...
2008-03-10 09:34:54
This must be some kind of a high holy day - The white tee shirts are clean.....
2008-03-07 21:14:16
I would pay to see them do this without the drums.
2008-03-07 19:26:24
Agreed with mopatop.
2008-03-07 17:57:43
There wearing dresses and have drums on there head, morons this is what we sent so much tax payers money to aid.
2008-03-07 01:49:42
no, of course not... there comes a time when you have to confess that you're not worth them
2008-03-07 00:23:46
And we are supposed to treat these people as equals?
2008-03-06 19:55:43
Afrikan merengue :)
2008-03-06 19:39:03
2008-03-06 19:38:45