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Posted By:Ludwig

Old Comments:

2011-08-20 02:13:22
In Canada in the Winter: If you live where it's very cold - it's very sunny. If you live where it's not cold (Vancouver) - it's cloudy and rainy. In Canada in the Summer: If you live where in the cold part - it's hot and sunny. If you live where it's more temperate - it's often sunny and warm - no extremes.
2011-08-19 19:54:56
Gotta go.. CU at Monday.. Over&out 4 today
2011-08-19 19:53:10
I thought a lot about moving to Canada permanently. Great country but it's not for me. I'm child of the south. I could not adjust for those long winter periods without sun... My traffic nightmare was when a military policeman get in a may car and forced me with a gun to drove him to a ferry while I was witting in a 3 km colon car to get at those ship. Among all car he just pop in to my car. Good thing about that was that he spare me of 3 hours of waiting for my turn... :)
2011-08-19 18:18:13
My mother and I got caught up in that nightmare in the 1970s, when we took the train from Paris to the Departement de Cher to visit her sister. The train station was like a zoo. In Canada, if we have children, we take most of our holidays in July or August. If we don't have children, we usually go in the Winter to Hawaii or Mexico or other parts of Latin America - anywhere where it's hot.
2011-08-19 10:28:40
Most of Croatians take their vacations in July and August because of school vacations. In that period kids don't have to go to school so parents takes 2-3 week free. Still it isn't so bad like for instance in France. Week ago there was a traffic jam close to 800 km long. Pure nightmare for traveling...
2011-08-19 00:39:16
Many thanks, Peasant. I did have a goodnight's sleep... :)
2011-08-18 19:11:16
I guess, like the rest of Europe, most of your residents take their month's holiday in August, and most head to coastal areas. I was always told never to arrive in Europe or avoid travelling around Europe the first couple days of August.
2011-08-18 16:34:29
Sweet dreams PG...
2011-08-18 16:02:20
Sounds like you live in a nice area Peasant, living near the sea. I've never been to the Northern Hemisphere, only to New Zealand, Tasmania and around Australia. I have relatives in Cyprus and also friends in America. I'd like to visit them some day and go to the place where my Dad was born. I'm not a fan of summer. I'd much prefer the weather we have now, but those overcast days we seem to be having alot this winter, can try your patience a little. I always get bored during the weekends, so I'm not very fond of them. And Pixdaus is so slow during weekends too. If you want boring, then visit Pixdaus during Saturdays and Sundays. That's no good about your town being listed as boring. I'm sure that's far from the truth. I sort of don't blame your mayor for taking insult to that. That would explain then why you have alot of tourists visiting your area then. I'd better get to sleep now. It has just gone 11pm here in Melbourne. Nice to speak with you, Peasant. Please take care... :)
2011-08-18 15:48:36
It's summer here and everyone gone to vacations to the Adriatic sea. It's near, only 100 km away. Even Bill Gates spent his vacations here in Croatia at the coast. There's something magical in those 2-3 months during the summer. But it become to crowded for me. I had excitement in my life for ten lives, therefore I really do appreciate boredom, boredom is very underrated feeling if you ask me. :) Last year my town was on the list of ten most boring cities in Europe. Our mayor took it as a personal insult and now we have a lot of events all over the city... I'm little afraid that he will overate with his efforts.
2011-08-18 15:28:54
Many thanks, Peasant. Not much news happens to me. But I guess that is my fault, because I don't get around much, only shopping, appointments and helping my parents. I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say that the whole city moved to the coast. Why did that happen, do you know ? That's good though that your city is getting alot of tourists. Here in Melbourne, alot of tourists visit us, especially during the next few months, with major sporting events in the near future, daylight saving in a few weeks time and the onset of spring in the air.... :)
2011-08-18 14:58:18
I'm glad to hear you are fine PG. There's nothing new in my life, but it turns true those saying: No news is good news. :) I'm still at work while whole city moved to the coast. Not that I'm complaining. I really love this time of the year. There's no rush here now. The biggest surprise of this summer for me are lot of tourists in the city. I never saw them so much like this summer. Still can't figure what make them to visit my home town. It seems that my town isn't so bad after all... :)
2011-08-18 13:01:53
You are very welcome, Peasant. Many thanks for asking, I am not too bad. I changed my anti depressants a few weeks back and they are helping me very much. I hope you are doing very well and having a wonderful week. Thanks for the link too. I'll take a look at that soon. Take care, Peasant. Have a great day... :)
2011-08-18 09:50:35
WoW. Tnx PG, I'll never guess it is a chapel .. It's even better from inside .. BDW: How are you PG? We haven't spoke for ages..
2011-08-18 09:11:31
Peasant, hope this helps.....
2011-08-18 08:53:56
Love it! Like a giant wizard hat. Where is it? Germany?