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Posted By:abcdef

Old Comments:

2009-06-03 04:58:26
I'm thinking the girl with the orange arm band wupped up her right to life angst and clobbered the chubby guy.
2008-03-07 03:38:29
Does yor mommie know you are playing with her computer?
2008-03-07 03:36:40
get a life tard!
2008-03-06 23:42:34
I am a god. I'd slam Schiavo. Less resistance. BOO-YEAH!!
2008-03-06 19:58:38
do you mean, you like The Ramones ?! HEIL BUSH (NOT)
2008-03-06 03:06:26
This is brilliant :) I had a lot to do on work with the Schiavo-Case, and also I commiserate with her, I nearly laughed my ass off, cause I hate this Pro-Life-Bullshit that goes on in the US. Thanks for the Post :))
2008-03-05 22:02:07
At least he's a Ramones fan. Gabba Gabba Hey! BOO-YEAH!!!
2008-03-05 21:57:04
Terri Schiavo i think
2008-03-05 20:46:25
About what this demonstration was?