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Posted By:CoJo

Old Comments:

2008-03-05 21:34:26
I don't think we should only blame the gipsies!!!
2008-03-05 17:12:02
The problem is NOT the place, or the country. Romania is a beautyful place, with kind people, specially in Transsylvania. The problem is with this kind of people: the gipsys. They don't work, they live just like parasits. Nothing to do with them. Maybe a fine "endlösung".
2008-03-05 05:24:33
There are places in the world where you have no chance at all.
2008-03-05 05:01:39
They are gipsies. Most of them never wants to work. Others can't study because their parents.
2008-03-05 04:23:39
If those bags heavier than that old woman I'd do the same. :-|
2008-03-05 02:02:11
I have already seen this site. What a shame that in some countries people have to live like this in the 21st century. :(((
2008-03-04 00:23:17
tiganci romance, din micul Paris, probabil :P
2008-03-03 09:07:28
Astea sigur sunt niste tiganci din Paris.