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Posted By:sms

Old Comments:

2011-05-15 05:14:47
Thankyou Gabrielle. Yes, looking at the picture makes one giddy enough, let alone actually being right up there in the sky...
2011-05-15 05:05:05
You are right Mary, the Burj Khalifa, thanks. I agree about the workmen - it makes me giddy just looking at this amazing picture! I left a word out above, I meant to ask Sms "Why do you not label your posts?"
2011-05-14 14:38:05
Yes, I think this IS in Dubai, Gabrielle. Must of taken ages for the workmen to construct this building and it would've been quite scary too being all that way up from the ground...
2011-05-14 10:35:02
Is this in Dubai? Surely you know where this is, Sms? Why do not label your many many posts?