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Posted By:sms

Old Comments:

2011-03-12 11:27:59
Merci, Gaby...!
2011-03-12 10:35:22
This is Mexico City - the pic is in the March National Geographic pp. 84/5 by Pablo Lopez Luz. I totally agree that people should post as much information as possible about any photo they post.
2011-03-12 04:10:05
Who's Alladin? :D Anyway, I agree with you, it's plain laziness.
2011-03-12 03:26:35
I agree with Alladin. This is a very interesting photo but would be much more so with info...photog's name, location at least. It is irritating to not know, so people either don't vote for it ( like me ) or vote against it, and who can blame them. Failure to give basic info is just result of plain old-fashioned laziness.
2011-03-12 02:42:46
No, they would not necessarily vote down the picture. Information, to most of us human species, plays a very big part in our education and life in general. We are curious, we want to know...
2011-03-12 02:27:41
Why should she or he provide information? After all, they still vote down the picture.
2011-03-11 20:42:02
PLEASE ! PLEASE ! Provide some information with your postings !