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Posted By:Nifty

Old Comments:

2011-02-11 22:13:05
Hi Nifty, I thought as much that you are from Melbourne. It's nice to have a fellow poster here. Welcome. I think your photos are very good, and I enjoy looking at them. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. All the best to you as well..... PictureGirl.... (Mary).... :)
2011-02-11 18:43:06
Hi PictureGirl I am indeed from Melbourne and take photos for fun,they may not be good but i enjoy it and you can only take photos of where you are , therefore mostly Melbourne All the best. Nifty
2011-02-11 17:56:10
Hello Nifty, Hoping you are well. You wouldn't by any chance come from Melbourne, Australia, would you ? It's just that the pics you have posted look alot like photos of Melbourne. This one above looks like the Shrine of Remembrance and I've seen a couple of pics from you that look like they are of the Yarra River. I live in Melbourne myself, that is why I'm asking. Thanks Nifty. Take care. PictureGirl.... :)