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Posted By:mastodonte

Old Comments:

2010-10-12 15:54:21
I say tags are useless because many folks don't use them properly. Like I told Poppy, I had been using the commas until someone made a comment that we no longer needed to use commas; no one disagreed with that comment. So, I had stopped using commas until Poppy mentioned that we still needed to do so. I still think that the best way is to show the name of the photographer, location and correct title of the photo...if there is one.
2010-10-12 15:08:00
2010-10-12 15:07:02
Don't pay any attention to ChiefObserver, Feline Poster. ChiefObserver is just another of patito's many many alias names. You can always quickly spot these names by the patito uses them. They are new names, never used before (and probably not to be used again) and they are registered. (Apparently only patito registers a name like this). And then the comment gets a quick upvote by 10 votes (before more than one or two users have even read the comment). Why is patito even getting involved with this post? That is a very good question. My guess is that Mastodonte is another alias name being used by patito as well.
2010-10-12 11:34:00
Tags are not useless, Connie, they are what was intended to be used to facilitate a search. Tags are only useless if they are not used properly. To use tags properly, they MUST BE separated into searchable fields and the only way to do this is by putting comma's between them. The safest way is to put a comma between every word. These commas are invisible in the final post (so don't be hesitant in using them). Without the use of commas, the entire tag line has to be searched in the exact order it was entered because it will be THE searchable field.
2010-10-12 06:08:01
The risk with posting photos of cute animals from the Net is that most of them have already been posted on pixdaus, and more than once. Also, posters do not indicate the photographers names, captions, and/or not tagged properly. If you just tag "cat" you'll get hundreds of them on pixdaus. The photographer, who did not provide a caption, is DI/IMbI4 @ flickr. Feline Poster did not indicate this; robot did indicate the photographer's name but not location; mastodonte obviously did not bother doing a search; and, Feline Poster had just posted it the day before. The only one who did it right is the original poster - robot. If a search had been done under the photographer's name, the photo would have popped up (it did for me). So, it's important to show the original caption (if there is one), the photographer's name and location. Tags are pretty useless.
2010-10-12 06:01:44
You are right CO, my post was also a repost. However, I reposted a photo that had been posted over a year ago and not one that was posted the day before. Doing a photo search for 'cat' is very difficult because there are 100's tagged in this category. At least robot and I added tags (and captions) to our posts. Mastodonte did neither.
2010-10-11 22:34:11
Feline Poster: You owe an apology to Mastodonte since your upload was already a REPOST. In fact, many of your uploads are reposts.
2010-10-11 16:33:20
Robot also posted this photo as well on a previous occasion....
2010-10-11 15:38:56
Mastodonte is a new name here; but we might know this person under another name ;-)
2010-10-11 15:31:38
This is a REPOST, mastodonte! My post was made yesterday 9 October 2010. I know that a certain number of reposts are inevitable and unavoidable, but how can you possibly repost a photo that was just posted yesterday?