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Posted By:eibar

Old Comments:

2010-08-22 14:14:39
I assure you these frogs are very real, and not only do they exist in these colors but they glow in the dark . Many small villages in the Amazon basin use baskets filled with these small frogs to control traffic at intersections. Just as in the civilized world, green frogs mean go, red frogs mean stop. They even have amber or yellow frogs to signal caution.
2010-08-22 13:46:47
Here's some news for you. You are not the only person who has pictures downvoted because of comments they make Positive or Negative This happens to most everyone. And it happens more frequently to those who are the most vocal, even if they only give nice or positve statements they are a target here.
2010-08-22 13:25:01
I believe the colours of the two frogs have been changed with photoshop (or another digital colour program). You can see this if you blow up the photo and look closely at the left legs of the green frog, where the selected image was not all that perfect. Green and red frogs, such as these, do not exist in nature as far as I am aware. I am apologizing in advance for using a one-time only alias name with this comment. However, I learned my lesson about this previously. My comments posted above represent my opinion and anybody is welcome to disagree with them. However this is not what happens. Instead of disagreeing with them, some users will dislike them and because of that will dislike me and will downvote any photo that I might post. This happened to me before, when I made a comment using a more recognizable name, and to get my uploads back on track, I had to change names.
2010-08-22 11:38:31
Eibar, this photo is very beautiful. Thankyou for sharing with us... :)