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Posted By:LM

Old Comments:

2008-06-21 19:42:23
Cliche4Sure & prometeoX - you cynical bastards :))
2008-02-18 17:59:02
I seem to remember this was one of the first photos posted here on pizdaus
2008-02-17 15:26:50
Jeff what it makes this photograph so unique is the fact that was lit with strobe light and orange gels, the strobes were place far, far away. The palm was held by a group of monkees so it could look kind of natural and cool.
2008-02-17 10:32:27
It is call planet earth and they go by the name sunset. LM thinks are kind of rare and unique. Well done ML. You deserve a big, big trophy and a corona.
2008-02-17 06:32:10
where was this taken? beautiful