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Posted By:escoba

Old Comments:

2008-09-18 19:35:17
i love all these pictures. this is what i call "true art". thnx 4 posting.
2008-02-16 17:08:08
Dear Pirrus, You suck big time, you son of a niggahbitch!
2008-02-16 04:23:24
However the picture is great. :)
2008-02-16 04:22:48
The way you communicate is really intelligent.
2008-02-16 04:18:50
its from Bas Uterwijk - pirrus you asshole
2008-02-16 01:05:02
give a credit!!!!!!! asshole.
2008-02-16 01:00:20
You should give credit to this photographer. Shame on you.