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Posted By:911

Old Comments:

2010-04-02 05:48:07
The original Muhammed cartoons can be seen as a joke gone too far. This cartoon is just kind of sad. Maybe I should make a cartoon about Gaza...Next time just don't get involved.
2008-09-03 10:39:23
You really have been away, haven't you?
2008-09-02 23:12:39
who IS this pixdaus stalker?! now J.S. is getting it too! WHO IS THIS SAD BASTARD!!!!
2008-09-01 05:09:56
why do u vote for a guy, who encourages this stupid idea?
2008-08-31 08:12:19
Yawn. That post makes it look like I would actually waste my time trying to track a troll. I bet you'll neg vote it so that it appears to be a legitimate message from me as well...
2008-08-31 03:39:59
I found the trolls homepage, if anyone is interested. It does a lot to explain why they are so messed up and I think it will help us get rid of them. It looks like there is a way to report them.
2008-08-31 03:17:36
its like kindergarten, everyone acts childish, no matter if moslem or christian or atheisim... stop bothering what people SAY or WRITE or PAINT... get your head out of your ass
2008-05-12 23:19:32
I encourage every attempt to insult Islam.