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Posted By:Borealis

Old Comments:

2008-02-18 17:31:18
that plane is nuts, the entire front section is basically all gun.
2008-02-16 02:32:18
This aircraft also has a bullet resistant body
2008-02-16 02:19:09
A-10 Warthog, also known as "the tank killer."
2008-02-15 09:27:21
I think it is also nicknamed "mother nature". You don't mess with mother nature... Excellent pic of the A-10...
2008-02-15 07:55:06
So ungainly it's actually pretty.
2008-02-13 00:51:20
Strictly speaking it's the A-10 Thunderbolt, but nobody calls it that.
2008-02-12 14:20:25
i want one!
2008-02-12 10:39:55
A-10 Warthog
2008-02-12 10:27:20
that a warthog or a warhawk?
2008-02-12 08:30:11
I need this picture in 1680x1050 wallpaper resolution.