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Old Comments:

2010-04-01 16:00:55
Birute, I hate to disappoint you but 99% of people who upload photos on this site, including me, are not the photographers.
2010-04-01 13:14:12
Since I started this, let me suggest that we find another avenue for our political views. The comments and more comments to come take away the attention from so many glorious photographs on this site. There are so few opportunities anymore to enjoy art just for art's sake. Thanks to all that have given me so much joy in seeing not only the beauty of what you have created, but the thought and process that has gone into your photographs. Kudos to you all.
2010-04-01 12:45:19
Did you notice that Poppy posted such a cute Mandarin Duck? Maybe I should post a Peking duck dish to go with her photo. As for re-posts, I guess you finally changed your mind and decided that it was ok. Is that a new rule? ;-) A Bouts was anything but boorish. He came across as a reasonable intelligent person with his Republican views. And...he did keep his language clean. (Did you notice I didn't write 'he/she?). I didn't know that Shiites were also Baptist. That must make for interesting and stimulating conversations
2010-04-01 11:30:40
There's no rule against people uploading political's just not a good idea and it shouldn't be encouraged...there's enough contention and conflict around here about crap like what is a Peking Duck and opinions about re-posts and who insulted whom without introducing politics and religion..and in Ms Palin's world politics and religion are inextricably interwoven... and personally I found A Bouts' views on politics simplistic and boorish...he basically just parroted what he heard from Lush Rimjob....I get enough lowest common denominator political opinions from my East Texas Shiite Baptist relatives, thank you.
2010-04-01 11:02:43
I think there are a few of us who have trouble figuring out all the 'rules', all the do's and don'ts on Pixdaus, that seem to pop up on a regular basis . I guess loud speaker was not aware of the latest rule. I personally find this 'photo' interesting and good timing. Just a couple of days ago, a commentator on CNN Anderson Cooper 360, commenting about her appearance at the Tea Post party rally, remarked that Sarah Pallin had a very irritating voice. Photos like that are a nice change/break once in a while from all the photos of landscapes, flowers and birds that we post. I actually miss the disagreements you had with A Bouts about politics....until your language would get too colourful. A Bouts stayed cool ;-) I'm sorry he left the site; it left a hole in it.
2010-04-01 09:48:29
...birute is correct....there are plenty of sites for expressing our political views, and this is not one of them...if permitted, the discussion will quickly de-generate into cussin' and name callin'...we've seen it happen here more..
2010-04-01 09:31:19
Not appropriate here...