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Old Comments:

2008-02-11 23:42:44
That is Clark Kent in the audience. He's just switching identities a thousand times a second between sitting there and fighting as Superman, giving the illusion that's he's in two places at once. Hey, if Superman can turn back time by spinning the earth backwards, the sky's the limit! And say, isn't that Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter there in the lower right corner? And Sonny bono right beside them. And good heavens! I also spot Lucille Ball right under Superman's right leg!
2008-02-11 10:58:22
Superman is in the ring, so that can't be Clark Kent in the audience. Instead of Kojak, that's probably Lex Luthor watching on the left, but that is Jimmy Carter looking back at us in the lower right corner. What I want to know is why the Muslim extremists didn't declare jihad on Whitman Publications for this graphic depiction of Muhammad being beaten up by that Jewish/American infidel, Superman
2008-02-10 21:41:17
this is so subtle and great that we can see Batman, Kojak and Clark Kent wathing the fight :D
2008-02-10 21:17:29
Who Won?