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Posted By:asiatic

Old Comments:

2010-03-13 00:11:16
There will be always someone who will try to ruin fun to the rest of us. All I can say is that you have to ignore those people. That is not easy way but it is the only way...
2010-03-12 23:21:52
Yes Peasant, that is very true. And it is very sad too, as it truly ruins a great site like this... :(
2010-03-12 23:11:09
There is a risk of conjunctivitis for the dog! :-(
2010-03-12 23:03:19
Voting system is a bad joke as we have self voters, down voters, trolls.... You name it , we have it... :)
2010-03-12 20:47:30
I can't understand how this received 110 votes...
2010-03-12 18:36:30
Do not do this to your dog :)