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Posted By:pirizoe

Old Comments:

2008-02-08 10:12:01
I hope you don't mind that I have 'hijacked' the comment section of your beautiful picture, pirizoe, but I have a soapbox to get on, and you have a lot of positive votes for this picture, so my comment will stay here for Pizdaus users to read and vote on for some time: I want a chance to express the opinion that there should be NO MORE negative voting on pictures (although I have no problem with negative votes for comments). The current system allows just six people to drop a picture from display for all visitors, which is unfair to the rest of us. A better system would be to have a 24 hour grace period, wherein a picture must gain six positive votes for continued display. If six people out of all the visitors to Pizdaus can't agree that a picture merits a positive vote in 24 hours, it shouldn't be here, but just six people (or one hacker) should not be allowed the power to ruin the experience of hundreds (if not thousands) of other users here at Pizdaus.