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2010-03-19 17:20:53
Dream. I am dreaming. If I was able - but I don't know how to do -, I should like to write "a letter" like Sourdough Sam did. A letter saying : " Pixdaus, please stop all down votes !" And we would observe what happens ...
2010-03-19 16:44:01
I do think the system of voting and burying photos is a foolish game. What is the point of trying to manipulate what people can see? Let people see what they want. We know where to find new photos, unless some are buried before we get to see them and decide for ourselves whether we like them or not. I suppose, I could join and play the voting game, maybe even try to foil the efforts of those who like to bury photos - but why would I want to spend my time that way? I don't pretend to know the whole system, but it appears people's comments can be voted out. What is it in the minds of those who are motivated to practice that kind of censorship? Are they afraid of the views they bury?
2010-03-19 00:14:25
You raise an interesting point, Libellule. You will also notice that comments by certain people are voted down. There are some people here who are very fearful of any opinion that differs from their own, or who are so filled with hatred for certain others that they vote those others' comments down regardless of what is said. It would be helpful if you would send a message to the site administrators urging them to abolish the down-voting of comments altogether.
2010-03-19 00:02:38
About your "letter" : You had + 22 at 8 in the morning ( France ) And you are now - 7, at 14 in the afternoon ( France ) Who voted your "letter" down ? What does it mean for these downvoters to not agree with your feelings ?
2010-03-18 16:05:06
I would personally hate to see you leave Sam as I have enjoyed your photos and particularly the fact that you document them very carefully and provide additional information; information that is sometimes more interesting than the photo itself. Far too many photos are uploaded here with no information whatever, and I wonder if the person doing the uploading even knows what they are. I get tired of seeing photos of jellyfish swimming upside down and I suspect that the person that has uploaded one of these images is not even aware of what a swimming jellyfish should look like. I do understand your frustration as I have a lot of it myself. Pixdaus claims to be a site for photographer and photography, but a lot of what is uploaded here is technically neither. To me a painting in a painting and even when one uploads a photo of a painting--it is still a painting. And then there are cartoons and other various drawings uploaded, some of a which are seemingly well received. There are some very outstanding and beautiful images here, but shouldn't photography be more than just this? To me photography is a record of how things are at one time and place and some of the judgement should be upon how well that is recorded and not how beautiful it is. As for these contrived photos, and there are a lot of them, they can be a lot of fun and entertaining. Certainly there is a place for them (Jackalopes and all) but there should also be a place for serious journalistic photos as well. Well I am rambling on and have lost my train of thought. I do agree that negative voting is quite objectionable, but I also have misgivings over this uploader rating system that encourages all sorts of activities for a user to up his score.
2010-03-18 16:02:11
Looks like you've been outnumbered, Sourdough Sam. I too say don't leave and continue to post your photos. Just because others may downvote, there are others who are slient here, but love to see your photos. Your photos are important too... :)
2010-03-18 15:57:21
Ignore the vote; Believe in yourself. There are many nonvoters viewing here and many of us appreciate knowing where the subject is. Keep the photos coming.
2010-03-18 15:20:33
I'm an outsider here but look everyday all day to see what comes up and many of the photos are down voted even great ones, I try to vote them all up that's worthy. Please don't go and let the trolls beat you, the photos are appreciated. I posted one and a few minutes later it had three down votes, everyone that saw it before I posted it here loved it.
2010-03-18 15:10:53
Your work is great.Wonderful. Pl don't quit
2010-03-18 12:37:56
Please don't leave, Sourdough, we love your pictures! They provide a glimpse of a fascinating life few of us will be lucky enough to experience firsthand. Your photos are not in oblivion, they are stored on the hard drives of your fans! So please - more pix of those wonderfully self-reliant, brave, fun- loving people (and critters). Begging all Latin teachers to forgive my mangled Latin - Nihil illegitimi carborundum !
2010-03-18 06:35:49
You may have hit on the crux of the matter, JS, which is 'what the site was designed for.' When I first came here several years ago Pixdaus was a very different place. There was plenty of beautiful scenery, cats, puppies, lovely flowers, interestsing birds, and etc, but there was also a LOT more of the kind of stuff Ademir Laurindo, Peasant and Curly Moelarry sometimes post...funny, weird, off-the-wall photos....jokes, cartoons, pics that were sometimes over the top, sometimes risque...but it was a much more lively and entertaining place...It has, especially in the past year or so, moved more in the direction of nature photography, and while the technical quality of the photos has improved overall, it has sometimesbegun to teeter on the brink of becoming boring. I'd hate to see that happen, and so I tend to be pleased when I see pics like Sam's, and perhaps a bit too tolerant of photos that are not of the first rate, technically. The site continues to evolve, as does every living thing, and the new platform will probably effect that evolution in ways that we can't presently predict. I'd be nice if the site could make everybody happy, but that may not be a reasonable expectation.
2010-03-18 05:33:30
I'm not a premium user and I downvoted your pictures. I didn't like them at all, it's as simple as that.
2010-03-18 04:13:08
Frankly, I think this blog style show and tell stuff gets in the way of what this site was primarily designed for. Which is fast paced showcasing of high quality pics. That is why your pictures get down voted. It's not a personal attack on your taste or values it's just a sorting process we do in the newly added section. Hope you find what your looking for Sourdough Sam. And maybe the new platform will offer more flexibility to suit you needs. Wish you luck. Regards, JS
2010-03-18 03:24:48
You just DID answer it, you blithering fool ! : )
2010-03-18 03:20:11
You are intellectually undemanding! Your phantasm are legendary! I don't answer this!
2010-03-18 03:08:04
"Steed" is Queen Louie/patito out of pixdaus/poppy is a liar and many, many other names he uses to post his stupid comments because he doesn't have the courage to post comments using his own name. He's a well-known down-voter, and is known among old-time users here as the Pixdaus Pussy. For God's sake don't like a wimp like him chase you off, Sam.
2010-03-18 02:57:55
Your pics: quite intersting but not very nice = they got downvoted! So what? That's life on a public website! If you don't like it = make your own site! @poppy + patito: Much more people decided to leave because of you!!! Your cynical "restore of votes" and your general dictatorship at Pixdaus made good uploaders leave! THAT'S a shame!
2010-03-18 02:30:09
Come on, Sam....I thought you Alaskans were supposed to be tough ? You gonna let a few downvoters chase you off ? You have as much right to post here as anyone else, but you have to be willing to stand your ground and stick by your guns. Those of us who've been around here awhile have been subjected to all kinds of crap...downvoting, character assasination, threats of violence and you name it. But we haven't let that run us off. Don't let it run you off either ! Fight Back! Don't Give Up The Ship ! Remember The Alamo !
2010-03-18 00:47:22
It is a shame you’ve decided to leave, Sourdough Sam. I have found your pictures interesting, and I have read all the comments. I have voted several of your pictures up and none down. - The sad fact is that viewers have come to expect good quality in the pictures, and when they see some that are lacking in that area, they tend to downvote. Moreover, most of them don’t come here to be educated and they seldom read comments, they’re here just to enjoy the pictures. As to the premium users, there are a great many more viewers who are premium users than there are posters who are premium users. Anyone can pay to become a premium user. The viewers who pay to increase their voting power are the ones that expect to get quality pictures for their money, which is why they would be more inclined to downvote pictures that are not so clear or sharp. Of course, there are always those who downvote pictures because they don’t like the subject matter… I have fought long and hard for a long time to get Pixdaus to do away with the downvoting feature altogether, but my efforts have been in vain, thus far. I shall keep on ‘pestering’ them, regardless. I wish that all those people who’d like to have the downvoting come to an end would write to Pixdaus and tell them. The more feedback they get, the more inclined they’d be to do something about the matter. Just writing comments under the pics is not going to achieve anything at all. Please stay around, Sourdough Sam, and keep posting; we need the variety here. - Perhaps the downvoting button will be history soon, one never knows… but we all need to become active in telling Pixdaus what we want.
2010-03-17 23:58:15
Don't quit ! I voted your pictures up when they bring/brought sociological informations. And many of yours, most of yours brought this kind of information. I love when pictures brougt me a world i ignore. We have too some pix from south of America, and I like them ... Go on ! Don't quit !
2010-03-17 23:28:24
Please stay around Sourdough Sam. I for one really enjoy your postings, I like photos that are taken by the poster. I am a premium member and many times I have voted your photos up. I have stated many times before that I do not like negative voting and that I think it should be done away with, Negative voting only gives some people the opportunity to do bad things. Perhaps Pixdaus will take care of this in the near future. Stay around , do not give up......