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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2008-07-11 10:52:58
It's actually a guy, you R-tards!!
2008-03-15 02:01:19
I would turn her over and blow that sunshine up her ass.
2008-02-07 12:32:50
Oh lord let the sunshine of your love bring peace to all waring souls
2008-02-07 10:40:04
why the sunshine can pass through her body
2008-02-07 06:32:40
She must think the sun shines out of her ... oh - it does!
2008-02-07 03:41:59
why do u think they are fat??
2008-02-07 03:20:02
(caution- esoterrorism follows) Brings a whole new meaning to the term "glory hole".
2008-02-07 02:39:22
I guess she is dressed and it's not erotics!
2008-02-07 02:11:59
Maybe you should look for boys, if you prefer smaller hips.
2008-02-07 02:10:42
passport to heaven
2008-02-07 01:45:08
Gotta love the gap!
2008-02-07 01:41:08
Sunny twat
2008-02-07 00:48:25
She's skinny as a rail - fat hip indeed!
2008-02-06 23:18:17
Thee...not They. Twit!
2008-02-06 22:28:37
And God shead his light on they
2008-02-06 22:01:52
fat hip