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Posted By:casaubon

Old Comments:

2011-03-21 14:01:36
I'm sure when he was a little boy he did not dream of this as his future. It is of no matter to me how this happened to him; for it is none of my business. It Simply Is What It Is; NOW In This Moment. As humans we ALL must feel compassion for those in need, those who suffer, and those touched by tragedy. It is this sense of unity with our fellow man that makes us what we are. Without it we are less civilized and less worthy of compassion ourselves.
2009-02-25 07:01:49
He's scamming everyone. Look at his new shirt and hat. If he's not, then he needs to get help from the government.
2008-08-04 23:15:31
there's a pan-handler i drive by every day going home from work. every day, without fail, he's out there--able-bodied, healthy, hangin around, asking for change. every day without fail i tell him "get a fucking job". every day, when he sees me, he looks the other way.
2008-08-04 11:24:31
awwww, how sad, and ur rite steven, how nice, but how sad is that picture?
2008-03-25 21:54:01
A penny or a smile. A small request. A lot of people have beautiful smiles, why not share? A penny or a dollar, next year you will not remember. But a smile can last a lifetime.
2008-03-17 05:06:49
While I agree that 'The System' is an insensitive jackass, I do find it difficult to remain compassionate when there are people on the streets who make more money via panhandling than I do by working a 40+ hour a week job. I remember hearing about a study done in San Francisco, California (now it's really hearsay evidence, because I can't recall many of the details), where scientific observers watched as donations were given to several homeless people around the city. My understanding was that the researchers found that people set up in the right locations could make $30,000.00 or more in a year, tax free (that's probably equivalent to a pre tax income of $45,000.00). It's hard for me to justify GIVING a handout to someone that is probably taking in two times what I make in wages, while I WORK to make my 'SPARE' change...
2008-03-17 03:47:15
The simple human compassion displayed by The System is indeed moving and heart warming...
2008-02-07 08:44:43
Get a job bum.
2008-02-07 08:35:59