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Posted By:Astrolabix

Old Comments:

2008-02-02 00:35:17
It is a joke, J O K E. you don't have to write an essay about how suv and other cars behave on road. And I think layout is quite good for that kind of JOKE.
2008-02-01 09:38:48
SUV's & hummers are not as safe as that - they are poor at collision avoidance, have poor driver protection and flip over relatively easily. Hopefully the taxi rating is for a passenger! Nice artwork but a bad layout and a flawed idea, I don't think this poster conveys an appropriate message.
2008-02-01 07:57:11
This poster expain why american tanks attacked Palestine hotel during Irak invasion (the international press hotel). Some journalists died.
2008-02-01 07:15:59
So taxi drivers can be blitzed?