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Posted By:Unknown

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2009-11-29 21:21:10
I can understand why people wouldn't want to send their own pics here, after all, they would most likely get voted down real quick, unless they were really good. That's why I don't post much of my own stuff cause it just isn't good enough. Have you heard of pascals wager? The universe is so big and huge it's hard to believe there is no master plan going on in it. It read that it is accelerating in the rate of it's expansion. I agree that it's our job to make life as good as possible. Thank you for helping me in my search for answers.
2009-11-29 09:50:36
Dear Distressed Property, You are new here? I have been around since this web site began. I have long thought that most of the photos that are posted are not posted by the people who took the photos. A number of the same photos have been posted by different people over its history. I really wonder how many people even own cameras? When Pixaus started, I think the person who created the site was posting all of the photos under different user names until other people began posting photos. It sounds like you have been taken in by the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. There is no heaven, hell, and if Batman is your own personal savior then that will make you a better person. As for life after death, you can say it in one word, "worms!" So don't sweat it. Just keep going on and try and be a good person. This world and life is heaven or hell, and it is what you make it for you, and the ones around you. Most of the people who visit the site are young men. They don't seem to like photos of naked people and women, children, things that are overly cute. It is an English web site, and if you have a sense of what English photography is about then you know what Pixdaus is about what an English class in photograph would call great! Harry