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Posted By:digimondo

Old Comments:

2009-11-26 00:42:08
Great ideas, FBO..but this particular mystery has been pretty much does rain out there in Death Valley once in a while...not much..average is around 2 inches a year..but when it does come down that layer of fine clay on top of the flat desert surface becomes slicker than owl poop...then, if the wind gets to really howling through there it can actually get those rocks to scootin' along....yes,I know...I have sometimes told some tales here that were not 100% scientifically verifiable, but this is the straight skinny* *straight skinny...old naval terminology meaning 'the actual facts of the matter'...
2009-11-26 00:17:16
It would seem like this mystery could be solved if someone would just put up some cameras out there for a while to photograph over an extended period - And while their at it, why don't they use some heat sensing devices to figure out where to put cameras to find the sasquatch(es) and maybe some in loch ness to find Nessie - How about a submersible to locate the source of glow deep in the ocean or get a clear shot of a U.F.O or U.S.O.'s What about the Marfa Lights and the supposed hole at the pole admiral Byrd mentioned etc. etc. etc. Cameras are everywhere now -You would think something would actually be found. - Cant we get to the bottom of some of these fascinatingcuriosities during my lifetime? Cuz I wanna know!
2009-11-25 15:08:55
Those mysterious rolling stones! There are a lot of theory out there as to what causes them to roll like that.