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Posted By:please

Old Comments:

2009-11-14 12:54:03
This poster called Please had too much to complain about when the fake poppy pics disappeared, said it was legit to take my name. Anyway, Please has not denied that she/he was behing the trolling.
2009-11-14 12:33:29
Poppy - how do you know it's a troll? I did notice some photos being posted under the name Poppy but with a different type.
2009-11-14 07:01:25
Oh, my dear, not for me that!! I still prefer white toilet paper.
2009-11-12 22:43:55
Hello poppy troll: I guess this is your example of good photography, then? And yes, just stick to the name Please because you need it to beg for positive votes. ;-)