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Posted By:Achillius

Old Comments:

2009-11-21 07:24:08
Are you telling the truth Achillius, or are you just jossing me ;-)
2009-11-21 06:35:50
Achillius, what a wonderful pic you give us. But why, for heaven's sake, overwhelming us ad nauseam with all kind of superfluous details? Is a picture not worth a thousand words, my dear?
2009-11-14 12:49:59
Ok. The photo has been taken in Dusseldorf.
2009-11-14 12:25:39
The photo of a cow and a photo of some interesting architecture is two different things Achillius. It's nice to know where certains photos were taken. However, we should always use the photographer's name out of respect and to help do searches so we don't repost the same photo. Using proper captions and tags help in that type of search.
2009-11-14 10:47:04
Will that be everytime so when I post a photo? I have no idea where it is and in fact that is not important. You may put comments in one or other form here, but you must not begin with making inquiries so that I have to give information each time. And yes perhaps that can help you but Pixdaus is above all a pictures site!! If I have to start with all that and look up this and that, then I can stay 24 H on 24 , 7 days on 7 here on Pixdaus and that is not my intention. This is not an information bureau here. For further particulars there are enough other sites on internet, such as Wikipedia, Google, etc. Do I ask when somebody put a cow on Pixdaus where and when that cow has been taken?
2009-11-13 13:01:24
Possibly Dusseldorf where there is some very weird architecture.
2009-11-13 06:42:59
Ok.but where is it???