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Posted By:eibar

Old Comments:

2009-12-14 23:57:15
Thanks, Dennis...I'd bet most photographers feel the way you do. Let's hope that all the folks who post here will henceforth provide as much documentation as possible.
2009-12-14 22:37:10
Hi Patito, Ofcourse I am not upset about my photographs being used on other websites, I actually even like it and it really does make my proud! But I think it is a small effort to credit the photographer who made the picture, take the "Cuddling Reed Warblers" photo for example, posted by Jchip8, He added my name to the pictures title and I did let him know I really appreciated that! This is just an example that I am willing to thank someone posting one of my pictures when this person added my name or link to my website/flickr-page. Kind regards, Dennis Rademaker
2009-12-11 01:27:58
Hi Dennis....some posters almost always give the name of the photographer ( if they know it ) as well as the orignial title...other posters almost never do...Eibar is one of our better posters in terms of photo quality, but I don't believe he/she has ever added the name of the photographer to a photo....this might be a good time to start doing that .. : )
2009-12-11 01:09:19
Hello Eibar, Funny that you posted one of my photographs here without my authorization. Also you did not add my name or my website adress. I want to kindly request you to add my name to this pictures title. If you do not want to do this I want to ask you to remove it. Kind regards, Dennis Rademaker