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Posted By:peasant

Old Comments:

2009-10-13 00:07:32
O no poppy, there is no need for medium. I have quiet weekend. But when things get out of control then only lot of coffee can bring me back into the life. But those coffee must be so thick that spoon can standing in it, like in the pudding....
2009-10-12 23:58:52
...if you begin to resemble a ghost, you'd better contact your medium, quick! Perhaps she/he can pull you back to this world...
2009-10-12 23:54:01
Uf, tnx! No that's me when I realized that I put repost. When I have a really 'heavy' weekend I look like those ghost-egg posted by DraganTodorovic :)
2009-10-12 23:41:39
Listen, Peasant, I don't really care a holler in hell about reposts as such, especially of old pics. The pelicans were new to many people... so no sweat. Some posters, though, deliberately post other posters' pics, and that's when I can get nasty. ;-) Hey, is that you? After a really 'heavy' weekend? ;-)
2009-10-12 21:58:06
@ poppy Sorry for repost of Pelicans on Lake Nakuru... Did'n do that deliberate. Those birds were flown in front of my eyes too fast, so I didn't remember them. :(