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Old Comments:

2009-09-29 13:07:23
A lot of photos get past me...I'm serious...but I just assumed it's because I'm dense. But it happens to others too huh? My pic has to be a lovely shade of ebony with a touch of midnight blue ;-)
2009-09-29 12:51:56
The Connie fan club pic would have to be an extra dense shade of black : )
2009-09-29 12:48:45
Got it -nice one - I wonder how that got by me- I will have to be even more thorough.
2009-09-29 12:40:50
Better hurry it may not stay there long. Once the troll sees it, it'll be a goner.
2009-09-29 11:58:05
There was a fuzzy blue fan club pic? did I miss something?
2009-09-29 11:12:10
I'll get to ya. :)
2009-09-29 11:08:42
jacksparrow - so you posted this photo under the name 'Patito fan club'? Same for 'fuzzy blue fan club? Way to go jack....but what about the rest of us ;-)
2009-09-29 08:13:50
Carolina...that figures...the whole rural South is full of places like this, or used to be...Esso, of course, was Standard Oil , founded by Mr. John D. Rockefeller and his brother has morphed into Exxon...
2009-09-29 04:11:54
It's somewhere in North Carolina, they didn't give the exact location.
2009-09-29 04:08:10
Thank You ! I am deeply honored, and shall strive to be worthy of this encomium !