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Posted By:fardin

Old Comments:

2009-09-15 17:08:02
Duplicates generally are accidents that happen to all of us, but fardin takes most of his pics from Pixdaus files so he's a lazy s.o.b who rides on other posters' coat-tails.
2009-09-15 16:01:07
You mean to say duplicates? Still, itīs a good one...
2009-09-15 15:51:27
It would be a good idea if Fardin quit getting a lot of his photos at Pixdaus, and search somewhere else. It's a little boring seeing the same photos over and over again.
2009-09-15 15:42:49
Pictures that are not taken from Pixdaus. Heh. ;-)
2009-09-15 00:58:18
Sunrise (I suppose) and mist, what else does on want? ;)