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Posted By:justaguy

Old Comments:

2009-09-19 03:58:24
You post your own pics!!! That's great...a lot better photographer than me. If you want, maybe folks can provide you with feedback. Whatever talent we have, we can learn and improve with feedback...if done properly. So stick around justaguy and post those photos of yours. The great majority of us just find other photographers' work and post them on Pixdaus...which has its own value.
2009-09-18 17:38:20
but... I post my own pics, not copied from elsewhere. no matter, looks like this pic & discussion will soon dissapear anyways.. `Thanks for replying ya all `If you see this :-)
2009-09-18 15:37:59
Don't do that justaguy. Look for good photographers through, flickr, and others. Hey Poppy, bet you know lots of sites. Want to name a few for justaguy? I find a lot of my photos within blogs, and I do searches using French words, and sometimes other languages, etc. Often, I just stumble onto sites.
2009-09-18 14:04:19
Apparently, they disappear compleatly, or go to the Banned photos section maybe? I bookmarked one photo & can get to it from my computer favorites list but can't find it through this site, none of my files/favorite/recentlt posted links, it has a -15 rating now, still here but unviewable to me & probable all regular members. Has me doubting whether I should waste my time post any more pics here....
2009-09-18 06:16:20
When a photo gets voted down and off the site it is gone from everywhere..main page, comment section, and personal file...I've had several voted into oblivion the last few weeks..some of them deserved it, but some were pretty good and were clearly victims of trollitus...
2009-09-18 05:08:47
Wouldn't you find them in your file with Pixdaus?
2009-09-18 03:34:57
thanks for explaining a little. but it more bothers me that after they reach -12 or so, they disappear. I can't even look at them, I know full well it's not a good enough photo to get upvoted. I thought the purpose of this site is to share cool pics, thus provoking thought to the unknown viewers? `Thanks for replying :)
2009-09-18 03:02:47
Hey Justa....for one thing there are people who just like to downvote photos...the other thing is that this isn't a particularly good photo's kinda fuzzy, not very crisp, kinda washed out at the top...I've posted some of my own photos and seen 'em down-voted into oblivion, some because of down-votining rolls, some because they weren't very good just can't afford to be too ego-involved around here ...look for better photos, try to improve your technique, get a better camera....don't take it personally...keep on tryin'...
2009-09-18 02:38:38
Is there a reason this & other pics I post get down voted? Once pics get voted down... they disappear from any pages & can look on. `I think?