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Posted By:pooya

Old Comments:

2009-09-14 23:48:52 ( Monday ) I'd bet over 90% of his photos were lifted from the 'back issues' of this site....easy to do.....there really ought to be some kind of limit on the number of photos any one can post in a 24 hour period...I've expressed that thought to the admin and I hope others will also...we're being spammed with medicore crap...a limit might cause posters to be more selective...
2009-09-14 05:20:46
...and at times Fardin shops at the Pixdaus site for his uploads.
2009-09-13 23:10:36
Dear's a little friendly advice...some of your pics are pretty good...but you post waaaaay too many at one time, and many of your posts are mediocre at best, and some are just plain bad ....if you will be more selective and only post the best shots you have, you'll avoid the negative vote reaction that takes place when people scroll through page after page of poor quality pics...they start downvoting ALL that persons pics, even the good ones... that's what has happend to Fardin...he spams the site with medicore pics , and people finally begin to vote against anything he posts, even the occasional good photo...