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Posted By:eibar

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2009-09-08 09:05:21
Last year we had a little weather disturbance down here about this time of year ( about which more later ) that left a lot of people without electrical power for a long time...weeks, in some cases...everyone's tough not having lights and refrigeration and a/c, especially on the Gulf Coast in the summer, and it's basically summer here till November...but the ones who suffered most were the kids, who for the first time in their lives were without television, video games, and all those gadgets...they were cast upon their own resources and, sad to say, some of 'em didn't really know how to play or how to entertain themselves.. ..when a dozen kids watch a film or a tv show,they all see the same characters, see the same scenes, hear the same voices..when a dozen kids each read the same story, each child constructs in his or her imagination what the characters look like, what the scene looks like, how the voices sound, and all the rest...I don't know what that facility of the mind is, but a lot of kids today are growing up without exercizing or developing it..kinda sad..
2009-09-08 08:30:07
Like you Poppy, we did not have a TV....not until I was 15 years old. My siblings and I made rafts to go on the sloughs, built tree houses, and stilts to walk, mud pies for 'pretend house', chase coyotes, feed the pigs with homemade beer (when parent not around), swim in the cow dug-out, cut pictures from the Sears or Eatons catalogue for 'dress up dolls', climb trees, picks a whole variety of wild food in the woods, play hopscotch, play with and collect marbles, and so on. We did not have time to get bored..
2009-09-07 11:18:53
Me neither, fact, we didn't even have TV's down where I was the evenings we'd just gather around the fire and bang sticks together...then on Saturday night we'd go down and throw rocks in the river.....
2009-09-07 09:41:35
Let's all sing along now... ♫ ♫ ♫ Come ride the little train that is rolling down the tracks to the junction. ♫ ♫ ♫ (Petticoat Junction) ☺ I never watched the show. I always got up and went to my bedroom when I heard the song start. I was real little and interested in other things like Batman, Green Hornet or Superman.
2009-09-07 09:24:18
Yep..Granny, in fact, mentions several times that she is from Tennessee, but it's never stated where, exactly, the Clampett's home was before they moved to Beverly Hills...however, a lot of the 'nearby' places mentioned by Hooterville residents over the years are in Southern Missouri and/or Northern Arkansas, which is likely the Ozarks...but the Ozarks don't look much like the mountains in the background of the photo...I'd guess the photo is from somewhere in or near the Rockies...
2009-09-07 03:16:24
It was the water tower that got me thinking of the Shady Rest at the Junction - But Jed and Daisy Moses came from way back in the hills - Smoky Mountain region or maybe the ozarks?
2009-09-07 02:54:54
Well, you see, Petticoat Junction was located in the same part of the make-believe world as Green Acres, the little town of Hooterville...both shows were created by Paul Henning, who also sired the Beverly Hillbillies..there was actually some visiting of characters between the shows, as when Granny, of the BHB's, went to Hooterville to help with somebody's newborn baby...and while no one ever actually says exactly where Hooterville is loctaed, the character Oliver once says that the the state capital, Springfield, is a four hour drive...that would put Hooterville somewhere in rural Illinois...that bein' the case, this probably isn't Petticoat Junction, since I don't believe they have them kinda mountains in the Upper Midwest....
2009-09-07 01:55:24
Petticoat Junction? Where's Kate and uncle Joe?