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Posted By:fardin

Old Comments:

2009-09-03 00:36:04
This is a painting by Bob Ross -He had a T.V. show on PBS and specializes in 30 minute paintings. He also has a line of art supplies and slew of how to books to teach others how to do them too. Gives the weekend amateur painter a chance to be creative. C'mon Patito -not the worst thing you could do in 30 minutes huh? ; ) -but its not really a good photo Fardin -If you are gonna put up art work make it good art work -please
2009-09-02 23:45:33
You have GOT to be kidding....right? Even you could not possibly believe this piece of crap is worthy of posting on this you feel compelled to post every goddamn picture you've ever seen in your entire benighted life ?