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Posted By:ultrasonic

Old Comments:

2009-08-26 08:41:09
...except for Logan5's pics. I'm sure you all know why... ??? All I see is that my pics were downvoted in the beginning! (Even if they reach the "Most popular today" section! Yesterday e.g. from 19 to 3) I'm not sure why!! Perhaps you can throw light on it. Thanks.
2009-08-25 18:56:41
I'm beautiful and powerful
2009-08-25 15:43:41
It wasn't all ultrasonic. I put 20 or more votes on this and every thing in the top 10 yesterday except for Logan5's pics. I'm sure you all know why. If anyone wants to attack my uploads go right ahead. I don't give a shit about votes and thats who I am. g'day
2009-08-25 15:00:50
AntiCheatingCoalitio:I saw your picture ,Very interesting.
2009-08-25 14:41:37
2009-08-25 03:14:58
35...37...39...43! Voted by superasshole ULTRACHEATER himself!!!
2009-08-25 01:18:28
2009-08-24 23:19:54
99...100...ready or not here I come!