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Posted By:live4now

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2009-08-23 12:15:09
I just posted another one before I read your comment. I'm done!
2009-08-23 11:49:04
Hey, Live ...first: I understand your message, laughed out loud, and am in complete agreement and sympathy.....BUT.....when Limbaugh Lickers and Shiite Republicans have posted their versions of this kind of stuff I've reminded them that there are websites for political posts, and this is not one of the interest of fairness, let me suggest to you that although I did chuckle at this, and although it is a pretty accurate representation of the tone and tenor of a good bit of conservative rhetoric , and although I will probably send it on to some of my conservative friends just to aggravate 'em, Pixdaus really isn't the place for this.....Peace,Brother.