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Posted By:Much

Old Comments:

2009-07-22 23:46:08
My dear, that can do only registered users and I'm not one of them. And I do not want to be found. I have my reasons. Over&out 4 today!!
2009-07-22 23:10:56
Thank you to take so much time to write your reply. I looked at the adress you gave, and, yes, there is no more comment than "peace and shadow". Nothing about country and/or town. ( It worked "well" with translation. For me, in French.) About "tag" : two or three months ago, one user - I forgot who he was - said to put some signs at the end of the tag until the maximum. Like ..........., or --------------------------, or as you want. So that you can tag, and nobody can add anything. And we can find your pictures if we look for "cloyster". And it may the other posters to look for repost, or no repost. I hope you will understand my "French English" ...
2009-07-22 21:21:45
Here I found this picture, so if you want more details start whit translation. BDW: I use to put tag on picture but I stop whit that when registered users start to write insult on tags.
2009-07-22 21:06:44
I'm sorry but I do not speak English. If I start to write, nobody will understand me. I fight with this comment for 15 minutes. Moreover, the image speaks with a thousand words, so I think I write enough. :) In addition, this picture have not any details other than the peace and shade.
2009-07-22 19:28:57
Where ? Most often, in front of your pictures : "Where ?", "When ?", " How ?"," What ? " Please, take some time to tag them ...