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Posted By:Much

Old Comments:

2009-07-13 19:59:57
I'm not sure that it is wise to bring dogs into the biggest minefield in Europe. :(
2009-07-13 18:10:50
I'm sorry but I dont'n know. I tried to find a name of the pleace but the ogiginal picture didn't have the name. I think thet is somewere in the central Bosnia. Those a great picture and I know there will be a some interest for more detalis but I just can't find any more.
2009-07-11 08:52:39
I wish I knew where this place is! I could really get into hiking up there and spending a couple of weeks cut off from "civilization"! These stone huts would be a perfect place to hang my old Royal Navy hammock and spend a while just relaxing with a fire, my dogs and a good book or two or ten! If Patito showed up, we could play two-handed spades and argue politics until the dogs got put a stop to it! [laughing]