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Posted By:ZoGekDeze

Old Comments:

2009-07-04 17:38:08
...take the second N out of the Philippines. ;-)
2009-07-04 17:35:48
Zogekdeze has 3 pics in the file with this same theme, and one of them () is from Manila, Philippinens, so I think this one is from there also. See
2009-07-04 13:20:23
A deep-ocean geologist told me that he was in a deep-diving submersible just north of the Challenger Deep, and he said that a plastic bag from some Auchan went silently floating by. I'm also told that long after one's mortal remains have turned to dust, that Styrofoam cup they used this morning will still look pretty much like it did when used! There is something counterintuitive about pumping hydrocarbon that's been in the ground 300-million years and using it in a drinking cup you'll use... once!
2009-07-04 13:12:17
Here Here ! I knew there had to be something we saw eye to eye on..."disposable" packaging and wrapping and containers are filling up the corners of the world with crap....there's even something they call 'wrap-rage' in ER's...people come in who've stabbed or sliced themselves trying to get something out of a damn package..
2009-07-04 12:39:16
This is an incredibly interesting, albeit sad photo. Does anyone know anything about it? Does it appear that this young man is collecting drinking straws? This photo also does what any good, serious journalistic photo should do. It is thought provoking, it elicits emotion, it tells a story and stays with the viewer. That it tweaks our cognitive dissonance a bit is reflected in its low rating; we don't like to be made uncomfortable by these things, though we should be! This photo is also compelling reason why paper bags, paper cups and straws and deposit drinking bottles need to make a comeback.