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Posted By:christian

Old Comments:

2009-06-12 12:16:42
Darn, I'll have you know that I would have had no problem uploading that least I don't think so ;-) Imagine driving down that little road and seeing our beautiful galaxy displayed for our eyes! I've seen the milky way a few times in the country but not as clear as on this photo.
2009-06-12 07:49:07
Dang, I just noticed how big this is. It's a beautiful pic but needs to be downsized some. Connie I'm not so sure you have had much luck uploading this one. ;) Thanks for the info
2009-06-12 07:24:45
Drats, there goes another photo I have to delete from my folders ;-) It's called 'Road Trip up Uludag'...a mountain near Bursa, Turkey