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Posted By:eibar

Old Comments:

2009-06-10 21:46:27
And we should be grateful that most people don't venture to the comment side...Pixdaus claims to have over 50,000 registered users...imagine what a hell of a mess it would be here if everyone who voted yea or nay posted his or her reasons for doing so ...also, we could spend a long time talking about what, exactly, is an "obviously good picture.."
2009-06-10 17:59:08
..."when an obviously good photo is voted down" it is almost invariably done by another poster. There are some posters whose main aim is to get to the top of the Most Popular Today list, and they get there by whatever means possible, including voting down fellow posters' good pics. Such people never - or very seldom - venture to the comment side.
2009-06-10 06:56:09
As for the "trolls" here, I have no idea. I just jump in and out. At least he-she-it offered an opinion. Sometimes, I wonder when an obviously good photo is voted down, and the only things I can attribute it to is opinion based on anonymity or personalities. I think both hold sway here. Having made a living with my camera at one time and judged various photographic and visual arts competitions, I realize that some people need a little encouragement, some a good critique and some need to be looked at with pure objectivity. Actually, the reason I posted the original comment - as I previously alluded to - was to see why certain comments seem to disappear and others, equally "offensive" have a permanent shelf life. If I am reading this right, if you complain to admin they get removed, right? Or, is this one of those Internet oligarchies masquerading as a "democracy". Just wondering. And really, I don't take this too seriously, at all. For that, maybe I need to apologize. I think that every online community has people who are heavily invested in the sense of sharing and closeness - and yes, conflict - that evolves. I also wonder why some of the most heavily-invested in some of these sites seldom or never contribute to the content. Writing and photography sites tend to be that way, but I have found no way of looking at "posts", so maybe that also contributes to the particular culture. Interesting...
2009-06-10 03:16:12
I know, I know patito... I'm just tired of all those bad words. tnx 4 yuor opinion of my pictures. CU.. BDW: tomorrow I'll have new nick, but I'll be here.
2009-06-10 03:09:29
No offense taken, C/P....I knew what you meant and was just messin' wid ya'...and you're probably right..some of us do get kinda carried away and write more than what really needs to be written....BTW, you post some good pics ...thanks..
2009-06-10 01:34:30
uf, I mean to write: You all write too much. some of comment are worth reading, this isn't. but that is only my opinion. sorry if I offended you with my comment.
2009-06-10 01:13:33
We write to much ? Who is much, and why do we write to him ? Or did you mean to say "You all write TOO much?" Is somebody holding a pistol to your head makin' you read these comments?
2009-06-10 00:58:38
I/you post pic, you/I vote it up or down. Simply. You all write to much.
2009-06-09 22:56:56
The Fuzzy who "manned up" and posted a comment is a scum-suckin'troll, my friend...look closer at the name..Fuzzy Blue One is a legitimate poster and commenter who has been around a while ..Fuzzy Blue Two is just one of the many names the slimebag troll for censorship, there is virtually none on this site, nor is there much administrative's pretty much wide open, and it allows people's true identities to manifest themselves..some folks are invariably polite and well-mannered, some folks are crude, some folks behave like adolescents, hoodlums or nasty little punks, and some folks come across as arrogant and judgemental..and if a photo or a comment is voted up or down, it's pretty much the judgement of the group, not the site its own weird way, this site is an example of democracy in its purest form.... And one more thing, Einzel ol' buddy...I understand what the word 'opinion' means without having to look it up.. I also understand what the word 'opinionated' means...I own a complete set of the OED, 12 volumes not counting the supplement....if you don't know what OED stands for, look it up.
2009-06-09 16:32:52
See? Fuzzy manned up and said WHY! I see your logic, too!
2009-06-09 15:46:36
Actually, it was an over-the-top exercise is how the truly gutless "administrators" or, whomever censor comments. It's funny how there is no communication or no posted standards that I can find. It's also funny that some people's nasty, crude and snide remarks never get dunked. But, while we're on the subject, my somewhat firmly held opinion is that down-rating a photo without a constructive comment is just an exercise in one's three-second judgment skills or an exercise in fecklessness. Faceless critics who speak only with a "-"? Come on... If I don't like a photo, I just pass on by, unless I feel I can contribute a meaningful comment - positive or negative -to the photographer's work. Or, as a famous playwright once said, "Those who can, write, and those who can't become critics". Maybe that's a bit harsh, but that's what I think. Further, I didn't question anyone's "values" or "aesthetics", I expressed an opinion. Go to dictionary-dot-com and check out what it means.
2009-06-09 09:57:21
I vote it down cause the chick is not naked, yeah.
2009-06-08 22:27:19
Isn't it possible, Einzel ol' buddy, that there might be people who don't care for the photo for some legitimate reason other than their being "chicken-shit" as you suggest? And isn't it possible that there are folks who have plenty of guts but might deem the photo not worth a comment ? Not everyone here shares the same set of values or sense of aesthtics ..folks who don't see eye to eye with you are not necessarily gutless chickenshits.
2009-06-08 17:41:43
Chicken-sh*t people voting this image down? How lame. It's a great photo, and the juxtaposition of a beautiful woman and an obviously-scrapped C130, is very nice. It's sad that most probably don't have the guts to comment.