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Posted By:cure

Old Comments:

2010-05-29 09:34:03
Printing DVDs and making boxes spends a lot more energy, then a torrent server. Not mentioning making a luxury cars, in which fat corporate bosses drive...
2008-08-23 01:16:21
Despite it's not good for the music/film industry, this message is contradicting: downloading needs needs energy, information storage needs (a lot of) energy. So it's on both sides... ;-)
2008-06-15 14:54:27
Only 7% chicken. The rest ate turkey...
2008-06-14 19:05:02
It's dangerous to give the corporations any money at all. If you see someone buy a CD, stab them
2008-01-04 09:48:15
they give the musicians chicken?!
2008-01-04 00:45:30
first of all, musicians do not spend their money to record the tracks. the record labels do. true, there are musicians who independently produce their own records but those musicians are willing to give their stuff out for free anyway since they need the exposure to get a label to sign them. labels who actually do a lot of the stealing as well by getting all the rights to the musicians material and all of the money earned while the musicians get a small amount in the form of royalties. so i really don't have a problem with downloading music illegally. i'd rather give my money to charity than to those execs who have more than enough money as it is.
2008-01-03 04:16:57
You think that they get $2.10/cd? From companies that can't find Dolly Parton to give her a royalty check? (Hint RIAA: She has a fucking theme park. She's there often. I bet they'll deliver mail to her if she's not in.)
2008-01-02 23:18:57
I am the Creator. And I created a world which in turn creates creators. I give the products of my mind out of love. I expect them to do the same. And I hate those who make my true will against the law!
2007-12-31 16:19:01
Musicians spend their record company's time and money to record their tracks, who then take all the profits from and leave the musicians with a poultry 7%. Artists make most of their money from live performances, so file sharing can be a great way to promote live concerts, if artists focused on this instead of cd sales. If a million people download your song, thats a million potential ticket sales to your concerts. People will pay anywhere between $40 & $150 to go to a concert (sometimes heaps more). Thats better than $2.10 for each cd that's sold.
2007-12-31 15:12:57
Then again..Jesus would probably not be one to steal from talented musicians.. musicians who spend both own time and money to record the tracks which you rip off illegaly and download to your computer. Think it over.