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Posted By:a wahab

Old Comments:

2009-04-10 16:49:56
The only reason that just 100 of over 1000 pictures are popular is because your pics are crap! It's a fact, note it.
2009-04-07 17:53:05
dear friend i never vote for myself the proof is that i posted more than 1000 pics only 100 will be popular.its just fun enjoy it.
2009-04-07 03:50:58
You are like your pix: very boring. You upload too much and too uninteresting stuff. But you learn how to vote for yourself. Congratulations. This is just for you: Bye, bye my dear.
2009-04-07 03:17:20
oh! sorry dear.
2009-04-07 01:55:47
How interesting! 35 times the same kind of picture!! Someone wrote at your profile: "Well you have certainly learned how to post pics alright. Why don't you take the time to find some good ones? Why are you posting every piece of crap you have ever seen? Hundreds of garbage pics !! STOP IT!!" Well, I fully agree with that!