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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-04-08 17:49:11
Thanks, Lilly! I love your photos, too, as always! ;-) I don't worry about the flakes, etc, either, but - you know what - I no longer feel good about being here, it does not bring me joy. I am going to empty my files and then ride into the sunset in search of happier vistas. Life is too short to spend time with the flakes, etc, don't you think? I have made two great friends here, and those connections will not be severed even when I leave, so in that respect I am already on the plus side... Sure, there will be some other people I will miss, but I can always stick my nose in once in a while to say hello. ;-)
2009-04-08 10:10:55
************I've been here along time and have never seen this picture !!!**************** Skip I also was going to give up on pixdaus until I saw the greatest photo .... cat walk... it make me remember why I like pixdaus ... I've quit worrying about the flakes , the stupid , the ignorant , the idiots , the opinionated jerks , the bickers , disrespectful , disillusioned , individuals without intelligences that enjoy mayhem and sarcasm . I think I will be better off without all them . Hay Poppy on absolutely fabulous note... some excellent photos today*** as always though !!! ;~)
2009-04-08 02:34:51
To the person who AGAIN added the word 'repost' in the tags of this picture: What is your beef with Skip? Can't stand it that she posts good pics? What? Read the above comment: Skip did a word search and this pic did not come up. Case closed!
2009-04-06 06:03:11
I went through one hundred and eight pages of Birds, and forty eight pages of Bird, That's alot for anyone, considering I always try to include info and the photog's name with the pics. The person writing on everyone's tags does not care if it's true or not, and will not include a link. I posted some pics today, after I posted I told myself I'm not going back there because of all the games here trying to knock each other down. but here I am, and as usual...