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Posted By:aw wuf

Old Comments:

2009-04-03 00:19:16
I see... turn up that I'm sick bastard who post child in inappropriate pose because I posted picture named ant watcher. Didn't think. Must be careful with children photo or better don't post it at all. tnx mr. patito.
2009-04-02 21:42:51
"Poop" is an English euphemism for fecal can be used as a noun.. "don't step in that pile of poop" or as a verb .."I gotta go poop" can also mean "tired" or "weary" as in "I'm all pooped out."
2009-04-02 15:57:30
?? what is wrong in watching ants? what does poopin means?
2009-03-31 01:13:56
Is she poopin?
2009-03-31 00:46:03
if possible I will give everything I have just to go back to those times when everything was just fine and I was having no worries, look at this child expression she isn't aware of doing nothing wrong and still all of you down voted this wonderfull pic of innocense!