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Posted By:a wahab

Old Comments:

2009-03-22 05:35:47
If you post too many at one time people get annoyed and vote negative.
2009-03-22 05:34:35
Its because most of your pics are bland boring and ordinary --and them you add hundreds at a time.
2009-03-22 01:11:40
yes i also observed they only click minus even on beautiful pics.somebody tell me why
2009-03-21 18:31:30
i am sorry Addison but what if i will post information they always click on minus.Why?
2009-03-21 02:12:03
This is one of the famous canals of Venice..the photo was probably taken on an important holiday, as the gondolas are covered with their characteristic blue tarpaulins. You've probably heard of the legendary Bridge of Sighs and the Ponti di Rialto...this shows the somewhat less well known Bridge of Tourist Trinkets.
2009-03-21 01:46:12
I repeat. Post info. Where is this?