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Posted By:sharecool

Old Comments:

2008-03-07 23:49:08
i just think it's funny.
2008-02-01 17:37:59
Sarcastic, aren't we,'Amerikan'?
2008-01-24 09:52:37
you mean it's not the filthy evil amerikans invading a senior citizen's home(fourth time this week) and killing all it's inhabitants, mistaking them for a poor children's hospital??? i mean, they all have GUNS! how can they NOT be americans? don't all americans have guns? aren't all americans gun-toting sadists? i thought if it was a picture of a gun toting human being it was an american imperialistic PIG!!!
2007-12-28 21:54:13
it's actually a dutch military demonstration, to create public interest (and new recruits) in the ground forces. This picture was in the newspapers and absolutely hasn't got a deeper meaning to it.
2007-12-28 15:18:40
I'm thinking it's photoshopped & its meaning has something to do with war being a spectator sport.
2007-12-28 12:14:36
Interesting, but what are we looking at? -1 for no caption.