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Old Comments:

2009-03-19 16:28:12
because I'm not ready to pay the price of fame.
2009-03-19 05:57:35
WHY keep changing your name zmih, sea lemon, lazy pit bul etc.??
2009-03-19 00:58:39
You just do not like micro? and you have a common taste... (picture change by Lazy Pil Bull) pls .. do not explain anything. I pretend stupid. zmih akka sea lemon akka Lazy pit bull :) cu ps: move to new nick evry 10 pic
2009-03-19 00:45:04
This one is probably being voted down because some of us are disgusted with the dipshit who posted it..when MICRO Rossi learns to stop posting pornography on the main page so it's safe for us to share the site with our kids and grandkids, maybe some of us will stop down-voting his stuff. You'd think he'd have figured out by now that there's a section for porn, but he's apparently a slow learner.
2009-03-19 00:44:16
why not?
2009-03-19 00:40:24
why rossi only post funtasticus source pics?
2009-03-18 23:48:50
Oh come on! There are so many "serious" photographs on this site already, why do the humorous ones always seem to get voted down?