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Posted By:a wahab

Old Comments:

2009-03-17 21:13:34
The photo was taken by Bobby Joe Crockett. He took it in April of last year while he was on a pontoon boat he rented at the marina on Big Snake Lake, in southern Arizona, when he and Billy Sue Jethro went there on their honeymoon. Billy Sue, she wanted to go to Vegas, but Bobby Joe, he wanted to go fishing, and since they went in Bobby Joe's truck he pretty much got to make the decisions, and I can tell you that Billy Sue is still kinda pissed off about him insisting on going fishing on their honeymoon. Bobby Joe is just 19, and he don't understand women very well yet.
2009-03-17 15:24:45
...WHEN was it taken? The 'who' and 'where' I can understand, but you're the first one to demand for the 'when'. ;-) As we have all seen, a wahab is only interested in amassing rating points...
2009-03-17 14:16:59
Who took this photo? Where was it taken? When was it taken?