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Posted By:hannity

Old Comments:

2009-03-15 06:38:21
Join the navy...once you get to boot camp you'll get a handout..they'll hand out skivvies..they'll hand out shoes..they'll hand out hats and socks, toothpaste and a ditty bag. Your prayers will be answered. The army gives handouts too, I'm told.
2009-03-15 06:29:41
I want government to give me a handout!
2009-03-15 04:24:00
I almost agree with you on this one, Abe..but I'd call it taxation of the foolish and/or the desperate...the people I see in stores buying lottery tickets almost invariably look like folks who have the least money to spend...I suspect for many of them it may be the only source of hope in their lives..
2009-03-15 02:55:17
The definition of the lotto: "The taxation of the stupid".